I love ruby?

As a Ruby lover in the coding field I use to go througth some blogs to learn from others. I see often that ruby does not appear in the top programming languages like I was expecting. But base on my own experience I think that top programming language shoud not be a the priority for beginner like myself, instead of what a programming language we should start with and make big impact in the learning process .

Here I found some reasons to love and learn Ruby. Ruby offers a robust range of quality libraries. An easy syntax that facilitates quick development prototyping. Easy for new programmers to get started learning due to a low learning curve. RUby is an Object-oriented Programming language so you derive all benefits from this paradigm.


Gems are awesome piece of code write by some developers that we can use in our program for free. Ruby has a ton of gems to simplify his working environment and make the coding process very easier for the developers. The bundler which is so central to the Ruby experience, find any gems you need to run your program.

Ruby’s pry

As a biginner , even experienced programmer get stuck in their code . Ruby’s pry is a powerfull tool that ruby’s users can use to quickly found a solution to their nigthmare. Pry is a runtime developer console and IRB alternative with powerful introspection capabilities. Pry aims to be more than an IRB replacement. It is an attempt to bring REPL driven programming to the Ruby language.

Ruby syntactic sugar concept

One cool thing I like about Ruby is the flexibility it offers. Programmers use the term syntactic sugar to refer to special rules that let them write them code in a way that doesn’t correspond to the normal rules but that is easier to remember how to do and looks better.



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